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Let’s get things straight from the get go, “Mavember” is not a contest, it’s a Maverick movement to help fund scholarships. For a month, short-lived by cultural standards, facial hair will burn brightly across Goodland.

[title size=”2″]Rules[/title]

The following are the rules and regulations that will govern “Mavember’s” short, but hairy life span.

1. All participants must be clean-shaven when they register on either October 29th or 30th. 
Registration in the Student Union from 11:30-1 on October 29th & 30. Otherwise you may register in the Student Affairs Office on either of those days.

2. Participants will be subjected to a minimum of 2 photographs (before and after) during the course of “Mavember.”
For documentation/humiliation purposes 🙂

3. Remember everyone is a winner in “Mavember.” Some people are just more folicularly gifted than others. We are judging facial hair folks, not individuals.

4. Usage of Rogaine, hair plugs, beard extensions, etc. are not allowed. Keep it natural, folks.

5. Individuals who are follically challenged are still invited to participate. We need pledges from as many people as possible, including women!

6. While we like mustaches and goatees as much as the next college, “Mavember” is about full-on facial hair. That means no touching the razor! Let it grow!

[title size=”2″]Judgement Day[/title]

1. To be considered for the final judging you must attend the November 30th judging ceremony which will be held at halftime of the Men’s Basketball game at the Max Jones Fieldhouse. If you cannot attend the basketball game, you are still welcome to participate in “Mavember” you will just not be able to win the contest.

2. A panel of judges will decide the winner who will then split the sum of money raised, with the Northwest Tech Endowment Association.

[title size=”2″]Cost[/title]

Cost to enter the contest is $5.
The prize money will be divided 50/50 between the winner and the Northwest Tech Endowment Association.

[title size=”2″]Contact[/title]

Direct any and all “Mavember” questions to:

Kelly James, Endowment Director
(785) 890-1529

The Endowment Association at Northwest Tech advances the college’s mission of technical education by managing private dollars for scholarships, new facilities, and academic programs. Gifts from the community and alumni have enabled Northwest Tech to open the doors of opportunity to graduates since 1964.