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Leadership Kansas visits Northwest Tech

Leadership Kansas visited Northwest Kansas Technical College. The group toured some of the program facilities as part of the “Welcome to Higher Education in the Rural Environment” segment of their program. The day started with a greeting from Interim President Brenda Chatfield, and was followed by lunch and the Northwest Tech campus tour, which showcased three of the Northwest Tech programs: Computer Graphics Technology, Crime Scene Investigation, and Diesel Technology.

Because the theme was “May Your Hands Always Have Work,” there was an activity in each of the showcased programs. In Computer Graphics Technology, members were shown screen printing, vinyl stickers, and the software used to create faux magazine covers; Crime Scene Investigation gave a hands-on look at dusting for fingerprints; Diesel Technology the visitors were shown a demonstration with the Dyno.

The day was an opportunity for Northwest Tech to show members of the organization what great things come of technical education. Interim President Brenda Chatfield said of the visit, “learning a trade is still a very relevant path for students to take, and the hands-on activities Leadership Kansas members were able to participate in gave an insider’s perspective on why technical education is such a viable option for any student who wants a lucrative career that demands hands-on education and training.”

Leadership Kansas giving card

Jenifer Sanderson, Leadership Kansas Local Program Chair, presented a gift of thanks to Interim President Brenda Chatfield of Northwest Tech, for exemplary hospitality and an outstanding learning experience.

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About Leadership Kansas

Leadership Kansas is one of the oldest and most prestigious statewide leadership programs in the country. Established by former Governor of Kansas Robert Bennett and former Lieutenant Governor of Kansas Gary Sherrer, and supported and administered by the Kansas Chamber, the program is entering its fourth decade of educating and motivating Kansas leaders from all four corners of the state.

Leadership Kansas Mission

To serve as a catalyst for the continued development of leadership throughout Kansas by:

  • Annually identifying leaders from across Kansas;
  • Informing those leaders about key state issues;
  • Inspiring those leaders to maintain involvement in the social, business and political fabric of Kansas communities; and
  • Maintaining a cohesive, relevant Leadership Kansas alumni network.

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