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Program Overview

Electrical Technology is a program that provides instruction to develop basic electrician skills, technical knowledge, and related occupational information to prepare you for initial employment in the electrical trade. The class will begin with the basic fundamentals of electricity and progress through all types of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring, including the most advanced solid state motor controls. Throughout the program, instruction will include class work, shop projects, and on-the-job service work.

The actual hands-on training is very essential because it allows you to learn by gaining job experience combined with the related technical information. Applied training will include off-campus service calls in motor control repairs, industrial maintenance, and new or existing commercial/residential wiring. You also become familiar with various electrical systems through on-campus electrical maintenance.

Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
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Program Length

Two Years


Associate of Applied Science
(or Technical Certificate)

Projected Salary
$35,000 – 40,000 per year
Advisory Committee
  • Eugene Becker
    B & B Electric
  • Marvin Bickner
    Bickner Electric
  • Lonnie Coon
  • Steve Daniel
    Daniel Electric
  • Rick Gashler
    Stanion Wholesale
  • Jonah Gehring
    ELCON Service Inc.
  • Matt Gehring
    ELCON Service Inc.
  • Chris Gerstner
    Midwest Energry
  • Bob Herl
    RDH Electric
  • Lynn Holmes
    Stanion Wholesale
  • Elmer Jacobs
    Hitchcock Inc.
  • Marty Johnson
    Hitchcock Inc.
  • Dan Jones
    American Electric
  • Bill Kramer
    Kramer Electric
  • Griff Lincoln
    American Electric
  • Gary McClung
    McClung Electric
  • Mike Pollock
    Lane Scott Electrical Co-op Inc.
  • Lowell Reith
    Interstate Services
  • John Spero
  • Jeff Unger
    Jim’s Electric