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Program Overview

As the only CSI program in the state of Kansas besides the Wichita State University bachelor’s degree , Northwest Tech’s Crime Scene Investigation Technology program is an incredibly unique educational experience. Our program is hands on with technical courses comprising a majority of the coursework, which means you’ll learn by doing everyday.

Utilizing modern methods used in the field and laboratory for forensic identification, Northwest Tech’s Crime Scene Investigation Technology program will prepare you with competencies in the areas of locating, preserving, developing, collecting, analyzing and presenting physical evidence. The CSI Tech program will provide you with learning opportunities to develop academic, occupational, and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition. Within your coursework, a combination of criminal investigation and forensic lab theories and practical applications will develop skills necessary for employment. As a graduate of the CSI Tech program you will earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

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Program Length

Two Years


Associate of Applied Science
(or Technical Certificate)

Program Supporters
  • Joni Showalter
    Goodland Police Deptartment, Chief of Police
  • Charles Moser
    Sherman County Attorney
  • Cody Beeson
    Cheyenne County Sheriff
  • Mark Kendrick
    Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Senior Special Agent
  • Ron Alexander
    Colby Police Deptartment, Chief of Police
  • Nicole Romine
    Cheyenne County Attorney
  • Barry Romans
    Burlington Police Deptartment, Chief of Police
  • Josh Mquitty
    Kansas Highway Patrol Lieutenant
  • Trevor Wilemsen
    Goodland Police Department, Detective
  • Bret Mangan
    Deputy Sherman County Attorney