Jacob Antholz
Jacob AntholzIT Support Specialist
Ponce Arredondo
Ponce ArredondoMaintenance
Matt BantaAssistant Director of Buildings & Grounds
Kindi Bauman
Kindi BaumanSenior Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Brad Bergsma
Brad BergsmaChief Information Officer
Tia Brannick
Tia BrannickMaverick Bookstore
Brittany Christian
Brittany ChristianAdministrative Assistant for Athletics
Shelbi Hall
Shelbi HallFinancial Aid Coordinator
Kelly James
Kelly JamesDirector of Endowment & Career Services
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Abby Keith
Abby KeithAccounts Payable
Sherri Knitig
Sherri KnitigAssistant to the President
Chuck Lutters
Chuck LuttersDirector of Buildings & Grounds
Penny Nemechek
Penny NemechekFinancial Aid Coordinator
Sylvia Shores
Sylvia ShoresRegistrar
Pam Whitson
Pam WhitsonAssistant Registrar
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Josefina Delgado De Arredondo
Josefina Delgado De ArredondoMaintenance
Brenna Balduff
Brenna BalduffGrant Writer
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Arsenia BarksdaleFitness Center
Dani Bedore
Dani BedoreMarketing & Graphic Design
Tim Borders
Tim BordersMaintenance
Brenda Chatfield
Brenda ChatfieldVice President of Academic Affairs & Student Affairs
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Michael Hall
Michael HallResidential & Student Life Coordinator
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Terrel Harrison
Terrel HarrisonAssistant Vice President for Academic Support & Outreach
Ana Johnson
Ana JohnsonMaintenance
Kerri Ketter
Kerri KetterAccounts Receivable
Kayla Luera
Kayla LueraDirector of Admissions
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Calli McDaniel
Calli McDanielAdministrative Assistant
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Nathan Padia
Nathan PadiaAcademic Support
Jason Showalter
Jason ShowalterDean of Students
Holton WitmanAdmissions Representative
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